May 2010

Updated Features & Specifications

Updated features including a picture of a sign about mooring your dingy to a public dock. How can anyone do anything with a 1 hour time limit ashore!! These signs have been noticed all up Florida’s inner coastal waterway!!
Specifications have been updated to include different bike frame color options!!

New Video

Check out the videos page for a new video, on high speed water entry down a ramp, as well as getting out of the water on a dock/seawall, or up a ramp

RSS feed

RSS Feed added to the news page

Features update

Updated features and added a few new photos of the bikeboat

New Video

A new video has been uploaded, showing how easily the bike boat can be launched from a dock or sea wall. It also shows that rowing is possible in either direction, the conventional backward “pulling” motion, or a alternative forward “pushing” motion.

New Website

Our website has been finally created, we have posted pictures and videos of the bike boat as well as features and specifications. Check back for more updates.