The new BikeBoat is the most versatile mode of personal transportation on the planet. It is perfect for anyone wanting to have a blast on the water or on the bike trails. The beauty behind the BikeBoat design, is its ultra compact layout. This compact layout allows the user to utilize the BikeBoat as just a Bike for daily use without having to remove the hull, although the hull is easily removable in the event that the boat function has no immediate use. Anyone with a canoe or kayak knows that they can be very heavy and cumbersome, so much that using them can get to be a chore, using the BikeBoat is anything but this. The boat function of the BikeBoat is very simple to use, just ride or place the BikeBoat directly in the water and you are ready to go, you never have to lift or carry a thing. The very comfortable seat is unlike any bike seat you have experienced before, giving full support for your back, making long distance travel very easy. This is a great new addition to the human powered vehicle world, combining two previous modes of transportation into one!

The new BikeBoat can also be the best workout you could ever do. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on treadmills and other workout equipment, the BikeBoat can provide a complete body workout for anyone. When using the BikeBoat as a bike, you sit and pedal in a “recumbent” position, this provides an excellent lower body workout, without the high impact of running or jogging. Also by using the BikeBoat as your workout tool, you get the added bonus of the changing scenery and fresh outdoor air, unlike stareing at a wall when using a treadmill.
Once you finish with your lower body workout you can take the BikeBoat to any body of water, such as a lake, beach, or even to a canal via seawall or dock. Then without any modification to the BikeBoat, you can either drive right into the water from a slope or bank, or drop the BikeBoat in the water off of a dock or sea wall and hop in. Using the built in light weight oars the user can then begin rowing forward or backward for a complete upper body workout. Due to the light weight design, rowing the BikeBoat is easy enough for even the most novice user, and for those more advanced rowers, there is no limit to the speed at which you row for a much more intense workout.

Have you ever pulled into a port, anchored your boat and took your dingy to shore only to find there was no place to dock it or there was a ridiculous fee involved? Worry no more, with the new BikeBoat you can now row right to shore and then pedal up a boat ramp or beach and bike around the city, not having to worry about your dingy back at the dock, because its with you! Since the BikeBoat is also very light at about 60lbs you could even pull it up directly on a dock five or six feet off the water! This new mode of transportation is a boaters dream come true, no more inflatable dingy’s that need constant re-inflating, no more heavy hard bottom dingy’s that cost a fortune, no more carrying bikes to shore to get around the town. The new BikeBoat is everything you need, with a lightweight, solid, one piece fiberglass hull, tailored to a lightweight aluminum recumbent bike, providing a boater everything they need to get ashore and around town.

Never have to worry about signs like these (Photo on left) any more, since with the bikeboat you never have to leave anything at the dock when you go to shore. With more and more city docks being regulated, signs like these will be all over every public dock in the inner coastal waterways in no time at all, making it very difficult for a boater to explore the city.